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SCP-1000 - A Horse

Item #: SCP-1000

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1000 is to be contained inside an artificial lake habitat within Bio Area 38. The dimensions of the habitat are 30 metres wide by 40 metres long by 10 metres high. The artificial lake spans an area of 15 metres squared and has a maximum depth of 5 metres. In the event of unscheduled human on SCP physical contact, the lake is to be drained by a pump. New members of staff are warned not to ride SCP-1000. Entry of SCP-1000's enclosure is for maintenance and research purposes only. SCP-1000 is to be fed bi-monthly.

Description: SCP-1000 is an insectivorous aquatic mammal with a shape-shifting ability. SCP-1000 commonly takes the physical form of a horse, but has been observed taking the form of a man several imes. During feeding, SCP-1000 behaves in a trained and non-hostile manner towards humans in an attempt to encourage them to ride it. Once a target (now known as SCP-1000-1) climbs up onto SCP-1000, a powerful waterproof adhesive is secreted from SCP-1000's sweat glands. Once the adhesive has affixed the victim to SCP-1000, SCP-1000 will seek out the nearest water source and submerge itself with the rider attached in an attempt to drown and kill the target.

Once SCP-1000-1 has been killed, SCP-1000 [DATA REDACTED]1. After the 24 hours, SCP-1000-1 will have have fully fused to SCP-1000. The conjoined stage only lasts until feeding is complete. Decomposition still occurs with SCP-1000-1 during this stage.

During the last stage of feeding, SCP-1000 will leave the water and stand idle as the decomposition from SCP-1000-1 attracts all local insects from a 14 km range. SCP-1000-1 will finally lose its use and the adhesive will no longer work, allowing the remains to fall off from SCP-1000's body. SCP-1000 will proceed to feed upon the attracted insects.

SCP-1000 was captured and contained on March the 14th on 1698.