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Operation Leader: Dr. ███
Items retrieved: Two (2), given designations SCP-601-11, and SCP-601-12.
SCP-601-11: Found imbedded in the surface of SCP-601. Resembles a German greatsword (Bidenhänder), however various pieces of text in a form of ancient Hebrew are engraved on the surface. Despite similarities to man-made weapons, it is composed of a substance with greater density than most commercial available metals, and is significantly stronger than what is currently possible.
SCP-601-12: What appears to be a form of glass was retrieved as a broken window panel. However, it exhibits several properties inconsistent with standard materials. The opacity of the "glass" will change to reduce the strength of light to one-hundred (100) CL or less, no matter the initial strength.


Operation Leader: Dr. ████
Items retrieved: One (1), given designation SCP-601-21.
SCP-601-21: Severely decayed skeletal remains found in the hull of SCP-601. Chemical analysis of bone fragments show the presence of several unknown metals and polymers, and a number of aged mechanics appear to be directly integrated into remaining bone fragments.

Operation Leader: Dr. ████
Items retrieved: Three (3), given designations SCP-601-22, SCP-601-23, SCP-601-24
SCP-601-31: Humanoid skeletal remains, but what appears to be boney growths extend from the rear torso. A tissue-like substance was found covering the remains, analysis shows this to be heavily decayed cotton fibres from Ovis aries.
SCP-601-32: A copy of SCP-601-11, found in SCP-601-31's "hands". Examination of the surrounding area exhibits several destroyed bulkheads which have cut marks identical to the blade edge of this weapon.
SCP-601-33: Partially translated text document, see corresponding file. Note that the last line was scribbled on the bottom of the page, and was the only segment written in English.

[corrupted] have devoted significant [untranslated] to the construction of the [unknown; possibly 'fist' or 'finger'] of the [unknown; possibly 'insect']. Preparations for the coming battle have been organized. [corrupted] has promised significant return should we be victorious. See trade protocol [unknown].


[corrupted] will be our largest investment so far, and we sincerely hope [unknown; possibly 'victory' or 'success'].

[DATA EXPUNGED] died on the mountain of Tel Meggido

Operation Leader: Dr. ████
Items retrieved: Zero (0).
Notes: Failure to recover team. Thirteen (13) seconds of footage from expedition deemed of interest.
Prologue: Team 601-4 is the first to venture into this component of SCP-601. Several oddities were noted upon first entry, such as significant air bells being present, as well as a lack of vegetation proliferating within the fragment.
Log: 601-4 is walking down a corridor surrounded in an air bell. The team leader stops and reviews her surroundings, a low chiming is detected by the audio which slowly grows in intensity towards the end of the recording. At twelve (10) seconds the camera swings around to the entrance of the corridor, before falling onto the ground, when its lens becomes partially obscured by blood. For the remaining three (3) seconds before the feed cuts out, a foot can be seen wearing a papyrus sandal.