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SCP-AAC Virtual Afterlife

Item #: SCP-AAC

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-AAC is to be locked within Research Room AAC, with all electronic power redirected away from the room unless instructed. Standard MRI equipment safety procedures are to be used during testing. In the event of a test subject attempting to escape after "uploading", staff are advised to restrain the subject and terminate them if necessary. Under no circumstances should any human be placed into the MRI scanner for testing of the SCP. Using the SCP for actual medical work is reserved for emergency use.

Testing is hereby cancelled by orders of O5. Dr. █████

Description: SCP-AAC is a MRI scanner with heavy modifications. A small unidentified LCR computer monitor has been grafted to the scanner component via a heavily modified Cray-4 supercomputer, replacing any equipment used normally for standard use. Major software changes have been preformed to both scanner and supercomputer allowing for unknown memory and processing power. When turned on, SCP-AAC has two extra buttons apart from the standard menu of functions; "Upload" and "Communicate".

"Upload" only appears whenever a subject is inside the scanning chamber of the SCP. When upload is pressed, all brain functions of the subject are removed. This only happens to human subjects. "Communicate" opens up a chatroom window. A "Person" appears on the screen and begins to converse through the keyboard on the Cray-4 supercomputer. Excerpts of conversations between scientists and subjects in AAC's database are recorded here. A common theme follows all conversations; that the subject within the chatroom believes that they are dead and that whoever is in the conversation should "join" them. Attempts to divert the conversation from the subject of "joining" them are met with varied reactions.

Addendum AAC-1: There are reports of screaming in Research Room AAC. I sent an agent in, and it turns out the "Communicate" chatroom was left open. Dr. █████

Addendum AAC-2: During testing of the effects of pressing "Upload" when the target subject is in a coma, a brainwave was "Downloaded" instead. Subject SCP-AAC-3 proceeded to jump out of the SCP and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Containment procedures updated accordingly.

Addendum AAC-3: A second attempt on a comatose D-class produced the exact same results. The "Downloaded" subject was interviewed:

Addendum AAC-4: A third attempt on a comatose D-class Resulted in a third "download". SCP-AAC-5 proceeded to trick Dr. ███████ into "Uploading" himself in an attempt to [DATA REDACTED]. SCP-AAC-5 was killed immediately by foundation agents. Containment procedures updated accordingly.