Recovery Log: SCP-836 was first encountered by the Foundation on ██/██/199█ in ██████, Slovak Republic, following an investigation by the local police of an apartment house whose water and electricity usage had quadrupled during a period of two months - causing suspicion of cannabis indica farming.

This report was given by the returning officer to a strike team lead by agent Dolezal. This prompeted investigation by foundation agents. THIS SOUNDS CLEANER.

Upon arrival at site, part of the structure's roof was found to have caved in, apparently due to a metallic growth cca. 1 metre across found in the rubble. The walls contained an unlikely amount of windows and doors, most of which only had rudimentary mechanisms.


The body of one of the officers (apparent suicide via service weapon) was recovered from the bathroom of apartment of J████ N████, where he was sealed by a rogue wall growth blocking the door. Due to extensive growths, basement of structure unexplored. Procedure 28-Surtur successfully tested on structure as well as its surroundings on ██/██/199█. Area monitored until ██/██/20██.

FOUNDATION WROTE THIS. Why would a returning non foundation officer monitor the area, or know it's growths?