Item #: SCP-GGGG

Object class: Safe.

Special Containment Procedures: A single physical recording is to be held at Site 19. Standard broadcast suppression procedures for Television, Internet and Radio are to be conducted for SCP-GGGG.

Description: SCP-GGGG is a 10 minute recording of a music video directed and published by [INSERT GROUP HERE] entitled [REDACTED: SEE ADDENDUM-GGGG-1]. SCP-GGGG contains the occurrence of several memetic sounds, images and videos including SCP-████, SCP-███ and SCP-███. Research is ongoing towards the exact number of memetic hazards, but there is ██ newly identified memetic hazards catalogued as of ██/██/████.

The exact effects of sustained viewing are different for many subjects. Several patterns between subjects and effects have been noted:

Subjects with memories of poverty begin to forget family members at 2:06 mark at a rate of 60%. Female subjects who are undergoing pregnancy feel a taste of apples at the 1:36 mark at 78%. Subjects with knowledge of the rules of chess fall into a coma at the 7:87 mark at 99%. All conscious subjects are removed of memetic effects at 9:23. Reseach into the use of this meme as a cure for [REDACTED] it pending approval.

Addendum-GGGG-1: The title of SCP-GGGG has been discovered to be a memetic hazard as well. Although the effects are mostly harmless, cross contamination risk is too great. Document List of infected staff with meme 01 from GGGG has the names of all affected staff.