Item no #:

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Containment Procedures: SCP-GHR is held in Secure Storage at Site-19. All 6 copies of SCP-GHR are to be traded between the SCP Front Silly Comedy Pranksters and Soap from Corpses Products Inc. Wilson's Comedies Co. (Which run by former Foundation Site Director ███████) Bi-monthly. SCP-GHR is to be traded to any civilian company under Procedure 15-Hydra in the event of Wilson's Comedies failing or being treated as part of the "Foundation" by SCP-GHR. Several Foundation agents are assigned work to sabotage all competitors for Wilson's Comedies Co.

Description: SCP-GHR is a note detailing the termination of a contract between an unknown company and another called ██████ █████████ ██████████. SCP-GHR's known abilities manifest whenever a business holds SCP-GHR for more than 3 weeks. The properties of the object manifest in four stages which gradually occur over roughly one month each for four months total. SCP-GHR has no anomalous effects while a company has held it for less than 3 weeks or it is being traded from one company to another. SCP-GHR shows knowledge of Front companies and will transmit its effects to all associated groups.

  • Stage I: Small scale mistakes are made and stock levels or begins to lower at this stage. Profits become difficult to determine or obtain.
  • Stage II: Incidents at work are more common, fatalities are rare but are known to happen. Company gains no profits. Public relations begin to fall at this stage.
  • Stage III: Fatalities occur within senior staff. Profits of the company fall. Several serious workplace incidents happen. Competing companies experiance a gain in profits.
  • Stage IV: Complete financial failure of the targeted company. Staff members surviving Stage III are found unemployable or are taken in by rival companies.

SCP-GHR will replicate when an attempt to destroy the object is made and will manifest several Stage III events during attemped destruction. These events last roughly 24 hours. Copies of the text within SCP-GHR do not carry effects.

Note GHR-1: Due to Incident Report H-16, the Containment Procedures for SCP-GHR have been changed where appropriote. Dr. ██████.

Note GHR-2: Containment inadequate, SCP-GHR is to be incinerated as of Incident Report H-19. Dr. ██████.

Addendum GHR-1: As of recent termination attempts, SCP-GHR's description is updated accordingly.

Note GHR-3: Containment Procedures updated as of Incident Report H-20 Dr. ██████.