And so the dragon plotted with his wife, and that night they slept under the flag of change.

"Let the scoundrels and repugnant pieces of filth learn that the dragon's army has no need to remorse or prisoners!" and with a sword he had cast his brother's head into the sea and his three wives heads after.

"You call yourself the dragon when you are merely a demon, who destroys the homes and lands of all you touch. I have no time for a blight upon my land."

The dragon called out to his army that they will change in the face of suffering, and they will take it as their own, and then wield it before his brother.

and the dragons army was cast into the sea, and the blood of every soldier stained the sand pink, and the blood of every slain stained the sea red.

"And you shall be cast into a land that is wrong with your body in the form of your twisted avatar in your flag, and you will live as the cry in which your treason was rallied."