Henry had gained everything he had ever wanted. A home, a farm and most importantly, a wife. Not any wife, mind you… His wife. Susan. It was a week after their marriage and the cornfield was as large as it would have been and ripe as it could, but he had more immediate matters to attend to. "Henry!" Susan called. "The storm knocked the power out! You'll need to head into town to get help!" Henry sighed, and looked at the telephone pole and wires on the top of his harvester. He wouldn't be harvesting unless someone helped him get the damn thing off his equipment.

As Henry started his car and drove off into town, Susan walked downstairs. Farming wasn't what she really intended to do the rest of her life, but it is peaceful and quiet, and it kept Henry occupied, at least. She looked out of the kitchen window to watch Henry's car disappear behind the trees in the distance.