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Slated For Termination

Item #: SCP-JJJ

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Article SCP-JJJ is to be checked upon weekly to remove all assumed interference. Five (5) anonymous level three staff are to be given knowledge of SCP-JJJ. A secondary backup of article SCP-JJJ is to be created on paper. All references to JJJ are to be redacted from the foundation database to prevent and minimize damage to articles of higher importance.

Addendum JJJ-1(04/08/████): Due to recent events, O5-██ has been placed under the protection of Site-122.

Description: SCP-JJJ is a non-corporeal entity exhibiting self-destructive tendancies. Any references to SCP-JJJ on the foundation database and intranet will become corrupted, misleading, or simply disappear. SCP-JJJ has resorted to violent and destructive measures in an attempt to achieve deletion several times.

SCP-JJJ became known after the original article SCP-JJJ was deleted and corrupted several times. SCP-JJJ was re-designated and SCP-JJJ was designated SCP-JJJ. The following is a log of activity by SCP-JJJ after initial discovery:

(01/06/████) Deleting article SCP-JJJ.
(02/06/████) Deleting inquiry into the deletion of the report on SCP-JJJ
(04/06/████) Corrupting official report on SCP-JJJ
(12/06/████) Crashing Foundation Database
(15/06/████) Sending out termination orders for every SCP with Euclid classification. ██ SCPs lost. Foundation database and security measures updated.
(26/06/████) Corrupting article SCP-JJJ. Containment procedures updated.
(14/07/████) Deleting article SCP-JJJ again.
(17/07/████) Apparent spontaneous combustion of hard-copy papers referencing SCP-JJJ.
(23/07/████) Attempting to encourage Dr. ██████ into committing suicide.
(28/07/████) Sending out a termination order for Dr. ██████. Containment procedures updated accordingly.
(09/08/████) "Inviting" SCP-732 to interfere with SCP-JJJ.

Note JJJ-1(16/06/████): Request for Keter classification. Dr. ██████

Note JJJ-2(23/07/████): SCP-JJJ is resorting to more hostile measures. Requesting termination of SCP-JJJ. Dr. ██████

Note JJJ-3(03/08/████): Requesting immediate termination of SCP-JJJ. Dr. ██████
Denied, SCP-JJJ. O5-██