MC&D Example

Catalogue ID: 04036 - A Statue of memories.

Cost: £78,000

Stock: 0 (Sold!)

Description: Marshall Carter and Dark ltd bring you a statue of memories. This small statuette can transfer memories of other right into your mind. Experience anything your target has in full detail. Sports, parties, battles fought, achievements earned!

To begin the transfer process, have a target touch the statuette without protection. When the object is loaded with a memory, the angel will appear in a upright position awake. Touch the statuette unprotected to obtain the memory. The object has unlimited uses.

Marshall Carter and Dark ltd are in no way responsible for any death or injury as a result of our products. 04036 can cause the following unwarranted side effects: Amnesia, loss of speech, loss of sanity and death. MC&D do not take any legal responsibility for reckless misuse of 04036 and will not allow you you reveal information of 04036, MC&D and/or any other objects within our catalogue to a mass audience. MC&D Have one of the highest trained security and retrieval teams in the world.