Item #: SCP-1028
Object Class: Euclid

"So, what's this vase capable of?" Agent Winters asked.
"It's a behaviour modifier. I need you to be at the designated area for Kappa-19 to stop any attempts to destroy the SCP or equipment in Site F5 at all costs," Researcher Jackson said. He didn't even bother to lift his head from the files on the SCP he was reading.

Special containment procedures: SCP-1028 is to be held within a false research Site, known as Site F5. All staff stationed there are to be D-class. Monthly termination is to be removed for D-class stationed to avoid a WK class scenario and a waste of resources. Site F5 is to be remotely monitored by MTF Kappa-19 for research purposes into prolonged exposure between humans and SCP-1028. See Document-Kappa-19 F5 briefing for details.

"Why would these guys want to destroy it? It's pretty much saved their asses!" Winters replied. Jackson looked up, glared at Winters sternly and went back to reading 1028's file to himself.
"Let's just leave the site, Agent. It's their job to keep it contained now."
"Who, them or me and the rest of 'the Stanfords'? I just hope it isn't planning to upgrade itself anytime soon."
"Don't tempt things, Winters." The door slammed shut and the sound of metal on oil on metal and a click filled the room. Jackson froze.

Description: SCP-1028 is a vase with the property of modifying human behavior and affecting the environment to create a specific scenario. 1028 creates this scenario by targeting two humans and manipulating events to increase hostility to a point of conflict. Once this hostility point is met, 1028 activates. […] All three conditions must be met before SCP-1028 activates:

  1. Both targets must be within an enclosed space. 1028 usually targets people within 1 km, but range increases if nobody is to be found within 1 km for approx. 24 hours. At a 1 km range selected targets are usually in pairs, but the number of targets will increase sharply if it is unable to meet condition one. SCP-1028 occasionally chooses more that two targets, but this is a rare occurrence. It is unknown what the average time between each scenario is.
  2. One target must possess a weapon. Batons, pepper spray and even SCP objects have been used.
  3. Both targets must have sufficient motivation to kill the other.

Jackson gulped. He had a wife and kids. He looked looked right into Winters eyes. He had a girlfriend at home waiting for him to come back next month. "Look. I'm sure we can leave this room if we stay calm," Jackson said slowly. Winters slowly removed the strap on his holster. "Please don't do this, please…"

SCP-1028 activates by enclosing two targets in an isolated room without interference when all three conditions are met. Once activated, both targets will inevitably fight for survival. There appears to be no interference by 1028 when both targets enter combat.

"Just put it down, Winters. I'm sure the Stanfords will come get us." Both he and Winters had both been standing here for an hour. Sweat was showing on Winters face, Jackson hadn't moved an inch from where he was standing.
"The Stanfords are waiting for me to radio them," Winters said. "My radio is attached to my vehicle." He and Jackson continued to stare at each other, Winters' hand subtly and slowly moving for his gun.

1028's choice of targets has led to situations consistently described by witnesses as "ironic" or "humorous" which suggests a form of sentience. […] Both targets usually take one to eight hours to finish each scenario.

From inside the containment room, three loud thuds, a scream and four gunshots were heard. The door clicked open again and three men from Kappa-19 ran in.

1028 was retrieved from the Chaos Insurgency, who were using the SCP to assassinate targets in Southern China.