Below is a TLDR version of AAC:

SCP number and class.

Containment shows testing procedures, but then states that they are not allowed. This is to hint something went wrong here. O5 step in helps hint that something is very wrong here.

Details. It's a modified MRI scanner that uploads brainwaves onto a computer and allows people to chat with them. You can see where it's going now.
Chat excerpts are linked, and are supposed to be very uncanny valley. Inspirations come from "Old" AI and Let Her In.

Addendums hint at bad stuff.

Coma patients Download brainwaves of people inside. Convenient [DATA EXPUNGED] hides my lack of knowledge of how people that are tortured act.

Interview: People inside are pretty much watching an audience participation version of I have no mouth and I must scream.

Last D-class sent in in a coma for some more info. Whatever came back was not a nice person. Containment procedures edited via addendum.